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BYD delivers the first pure electric buses to the Brazil's largest city


BYD is proud to announce the Brazil's largest city of São Paulo has received its first delivery of pure electric BYD buses as part of a pilot project that involves clean energy generated by solar farm with BYD locally produced solar panels.
A symbolic ceremony acknowledging the delivery of the first 15 units took place on December 10 at the São Paulo City Hall. It was attended by dignitaries including BYD's Global Vice President, Ms. Stella Li, the President of BYD do Brazil, Sr. Tyler Li, the BYD Brazil Vice President of Sales, Mr. Wilson Pereira, the Mayor of São Paulo, Mr. Bruno Covas, Mr. João Octaviano, Municipal Secretary of Mobility and Transportation of the City of São Paulo, Mr. Milton Leite, President of Town Hall of São Paulo and Mr. Paulo Cézar Shingai, President of SPTrans.
Ms. Stella Li, Global Vice President of BYD, Mr. Tyler Li, President of BYD do Brazil and BYD Vice President of Sales, Mr. Wilson Pereira , together with Mr. Bruno Covas, Mayor of São Paulo, in addition to representatives of Transwollf, the Municipal Secretary of Mobility and Transportation
Equipped with a proprietary lithium ion battery, each BYD D9W is able to cover a range of 250 kilometers. It has a full passenger capacity of 80 and is wheelchair-friendly. The first three vehicles that will make up the project are currently with Transwolff, a local subsystem company which operates in the south of the city.
BYD's Global Vice President Ms. Stella Li said, "BYD has been a global leader in pure electric bus sales for four consecutive years, delivering more than 45,000 units worldwide. The company will continue to make large investments in its local operation, sharing with Brazilians its mission to promote technological innovations for a better life.”
"Our recent deliveries, not only in the Brazilian market, but also in Chile, have made BYD the leader in the electric bus sector in South America," said BYD Brazil's Vice President of Sales, Mr. Wilson Pereira.
The Brazilian capital of São Paulo receives its first delivery of pure electric BYD buses
According to the mayor of São Paulo, Bruno Covas, all buses will be in operation by March. "It is the kind of transportation - clean and without noise - that we want to see more of in São Paulo," he said.
In January of this year, the city's mayor at the time João Doria (now the governor of the State of San Paulo) approved a new climate change bill, which demands a yearly-based reduction
for local pollutants (NOx & Particulate Matter) and CO2, aiming at reaching a fossil free public transportation system in 20 years.