A great place to work.

Discover your dream with BYD.

Good Paying Jobs

BYD employees make a good living. The 140 workers at our factory in Lancaster, Calif., average 37 percent more earnings than comparable workers in Los Angeles.

Great Benefits

Full-time employees and their families receive health, dental and vision insurance. Workers receive equipment and safety training essential to manufacturing a modern, green transit fleet.

We hire Diversity

80% of BYD’s employees in Lancaster represent a diverse workforce. Come join us and add to our vibrant workplace culture! 

We need your help

BYD is a great place to grow a career as we grow clean, new technology. Our employees make products today that will shape tomorrow. And as the company grows, more good jobs will follow.

"I want this to be at the place where people can build friendships, share their lives: your work, your families and your dreams. I want this company to be a home away from home, where people can feel secure and comfortable, and a place where people can build their dreams."
— Stella Li, President, BYD Motors, Inc.

What our employees say

“I like my job. My daughters are proud of me; they say, ‘you make new buses that are going to save the environment!’ It makes me feel good this company is doing this for the Earth,”