A500 & A1000

Product Description

The BYD Home Energy System  is specially designed for off-grid applications, with all main components assembled in one box, making the system small and easily portable.

The A500 is the best solution for non-grid area to satisfy basic energy demands. If you need more storage, A1000 model provides more power output and a larger energy storage capacity.

Product Features

  • Redundant safety design to cope with component failure or abusive conditions
  • Integrated design, easy to assembly and maintenance
  • BYD Fe battery: The Fe battery has excellent advantages such as long service time, excellent efficiency with the charge and discharge, safety, high energy density, nice temperature performance and no pollution

BYD HES Specifications

Electrical Characteristics
Output Voltage AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz

AC 110V 50Hz/60Hz

AC 100V 50Hz/60Hz

Output Power MAX:400VA(Elevation<2000m) MAX:1000W(Elevation<2000m)
Battery Capacity 1500Wh 2400Wh
PV Panel 285W*1pcs 230W*2pcs
Mechanical Characteristics(Host)
Structure of the cabinet (W*H*D) 430*630*250 mm 430*630*250 mm
Net Weight 45±1 Kg 58±1 Kg
IP Grade IP23 IP23
Operating Temperature 0~45°C 0~45°C
Storage Temperature -20~60°C -20~60°C