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  • 405 km

    NEDC Range

  • 30 minutes

    30% to 80% fast charge

  • e-Platform 3.0

    Emphasizing intelligence efficiency, safety, and aesthetics

  • Ocean Aesthetics

    Ocean inspired interior, easy-going driving experience

A Dynamic Shape with Speed and Strength

BYD DOLPHIN is the first model built of e-Platform 3.0, which brings intelligence, efficiency, safety and beauty

Ocean Aesthetics Design

BYD DOLPHIN adopts the new 'Ocean aesthetics' design concept. The sophisticated outline of the bodywork, coupled with sharp crease lines and flowing contours, projects a confident and elegant design underpinned by an all-electric powertrain. Enjoy freedom with the BYD DOLPHIN.
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  •  Geometric penetration rear light

    Geometric penetration rear light

    The design rear lights is inspired by the dynamic motion of dolphins breaching out of the ocean.
    The continuous LED headlight running across the centre grille and the dynamic taillight design reveal a sense of avant-garde style and technology.
Uncompromising style and comfort

Floating Center Console

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  • Rotating touch screen

    The large dominant display screen serves as the center of a connected universe, integrating intelligent voice and connected car functions to allow the user to drive without distraction while also adding intelligent entertainment to the experience.
  • Control keys

    Ergonomic design brings a relaxing and fluent experience
  • Comfortable rear passenger space

    Thanks to the e-platform 3.0, the short front and rear overhangs and long wheelbase give the car a more spacious appearance, and the rear passenger compartment has a flat floor, giving middle-seat passengers more comfort and space.
  • A railing resembling a dolphin fin

    Inspired by the armrest of dolphin pectoral fins, full of vitality and vitality, when passengers open the door, they can feel this like shaking hands with dolphins.
    Control at your fingertips
  • Seats with ventilation holes

    These seats are made from sustainable vegan leather, offering an eco-friendly solution without compromising on style. With the ventilation holes you can enjoy your seat in a long journay.

E-Platform 3.0

BYD DOLPHIN is equipped with the all-new BYD e-Platform 3.0 designed exclusively for pure electric vehicles.
Giving full play to the advantages of intelligence, efficiency, safety and aesthetics, e-Platform 3.0 aims to promote NEVs’ performance in safety and low-temperature driving range as well as improve intelligent driving experiences, to build more efficient and safer new intelligent EVs.

BYD Blade Battery

BYD has been a pioneering name in the battery industry for more than 28 years. Our latest game-changing Blade Battery has passed a series of extreme tests in rigorous conditions, making it one of the world’s safest batteries.