BYD Song

  • s

    0-100km/h Acceleration

  • L

    Fuel Consumption/100km

  • Powertrain Settings

    EV + PHEV


BYD Song Plus DM-i

Super Hybrid Plug-in: Electricity and Fuel
byd blade

BYD Blade Battery- Reliable and innovative technologies

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  • Strengthened Security

    Strengthened Security

    The raw material of the battery-lithium iron phosphate has the advantages of slow heating, less thermal release and no oxygen release.
    The unique flat rectangular shape also improves cooling efficiency and preheating performance. The battery blade passes the penetration test, no fire, no smoke.
  • Penetration test

    The test is considered one of the most rigorous methods of testing for batteries. Its purpose is to simulate an internal battery short circuit. This is usually caused by an external sharp metal object penetrating the battery in a serious traffic accident. The BYD Blade battery, Blade, passed the nail test, smoke-free and fire-free. The surface temperature only reaches 30-60 °C.
    Penetration test
  • Force optimization

    Force optimization

    Arranged in a matrix, each unit acts as a structural beam to help bear the load. Aluminum honeycomb structure, the upper and lower parts of the box are made of high-strength panels, which greatly increases the vertical stiffness. It is this revolutionary design that provides the best strength for blade batteries.
  • Longer Driving Range

    The space utilization of BYD blade batteries is more than 50% higher than that of conventional batteries, providing higher energy density and longer driving range.
    Longer Driving Range
  • Longer service life

    Longer service life

    Longer service life, can be charged and discharged more than 5000 cycles.
Very comfortable and  interior romminess

Very comfortable and interior romminess

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  • Bonus


    • Electrically adjustable front seats, heating and ventilation
    •Dirac® signature premium accoustic system
    • Ambient light in 31 colors
    • Wireless phone charging
  • Comfortability and Sophistication

    • Premium panels and door finishes
    • Seats covered with high-quality and eco friendly materials
    • Autohold with electronic handbrake
    • Automatic opening of trunk lid
    Comfortability and Sophistication
  • Panoramic skylight

    Panoramic skylight

    • Panoramic sunroof with automatic opening and closing
  • Digital air conditioner

    • Air conditioning "Dual zones"
    • Rear seats ventilation output with USB ports
    Digital air conditioner


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  • Technologies


    • Super Hybrid Plug-in
    • Choice of three modes (eco, normal, sport)
    • Smooth transition between ev and hybrid.
    • Personalizing steerting wheel response
  • Everyting in control

    •Multimedia center display (Rotatable)
    •100% digital HD panel (12.3-inch)
    •Smart LED headlights
    •External rearview mirrors with electric adjustment
    Everyting in control
Driving Safety

Driving Safety

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  • Driving Safety

    • ACC(Adapative Cruise Control), Smart Stop&Go
    • 6-side airbags (front airbags, front seat side air bags, air curtains)
    • Blind Spot Detection
    • Traffic Recognition
    • Emergency Braking
  • •Electronic Stability Program
    •Pedestrian Protection
    •Smart Light Assistant
    •360º HD 3D panoramic camera
    •Tire pressure sensors
    •ISOFIX system
    Driving Safety