Pan-European Roadside Assistance

Terms and Conditions

I. Purpose

The BYD Assistance is part of our mobility promise – for example when it comes to breakdowns, accidents, theft or vandalism, BYD Assistance will be there to help you. The following services and conditions apply in case of an incident.

II. Definitions

In this service conditions, except where otherwise expressly set forth, the following terms shall have the meaning ascribed thereto below in this Article, and where the context permits, the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.

“Accident” means any event acting through external mechanical force, having a direct and sudden impact on the Vehicle and resulting in the immediate immobilization of the Vehicle

“Area of Coveragemeans the geographical area in which Beneficiaries are entitled to obtain BYD Assistance under this service condition, including Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark (excluding Greenland), Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy (including San Marino and Vatican city), Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands (excluding the Dutch Caribbean), Norway, Poland, Portugal (Incl. Madeira, excl. Azores), Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (including Andorra, Gibraltar), Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom (including Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey).

Authorised BYD Repairermeans an undertaking within the EEA that meets the Authorised BYD Repairer Standards and that has been appointed by BYD to carry out repair and maintenance services on BYD Vehicles in the EEA, and to purchase, use or sell BYD Products in the EEA.

Beneficiarymeans any natural person or legal entity who is entitled to receive BYD Assistance. Beneficiary includes the driver and other persons present in of the Vehicle during the breakdown or accident, max. for the number of seats entered in the registration certificate. Hitchhikers and paying passengers are excluded. 

Breakdownmeans a failure of the Vehicle, either mechanical or electrical, which leadoris to the immobilisation of the Vehicle or rendering it unsafe or illegal to drive. There is no breakdown if the vehicle has reached a workshop under its own power or is still drivable.

BYD Assistancemeans roadside assistance services and additional Benefits detailed in this customer information. 

Eligible Events” means the an event which BYD Assistance is provided, including the driver of the Vehicle is not allowed to continue driving as a result of a breakdown, accident, theft attempt, or fire.

    The following non-warrantable (Self-Inflicted) faults will be eligible for a limited set of benefits:

        Flat low-voltage battery

        Discharged high-voltage battery (2 times per VIN per calendar Year)

        Non-operating legally required lamps, safety belts

Force Majeuremeans an event or effect beyond the control of the parties that cannot be reasonably anticipated or prevented by taking appropriate measures, such as a war, national strike, riot, crime, act of terrorism or an act of God.

Immobilisationmeans that following a Breakdown either the Vehicle is not operational at home or on roads accessible to the BYD Assistance provider, so that the journey cannot be started or continued with the Vehicle, or that the Vehicle cannot be driven under safe conditions as required by law.

“Incident” means an event leading to a request for BYD Assistance.

"Self-Inflictedmeans failure of the Vehicle caused by the Driver leading to immediate immobilisation of the Vehicle or rendering it unsafe or illegal to drive. Accidents are not considered as Self-Inflicted Incidents.

“Theft Attempt” means the failed attempt at theft leading to immediate immobilisation of the Vehicle or rendering it unsafe or illegal to drive.

Trailermeans any non-self-propelled Vehicle on wheels, which is designed and constructed to be towed or pulled by a Vehicle.

Towage Services means the transfer of a Vehicle, which, as a consequence of a malfunction or damage, is no longer self-propelled or unsafe to drive, from and to specific locations.

Vandalismmeans a deliberate act of malicious damage caused to the Vehicle  by a third party resulting either in physical immobilisation of the Vehicle or in rendering the Vehicle unsafe or illegal to drive.

“Vehicle” means any BYD vehicle registered or sold in the Area of coverage. The Vehicle are entitled to BYD Assistance. However, BYD vehicles used for the commercial transport of persons and express delivery service vehicles are not covered. Fire brigade vehicles, police vehicles, driving school vehicles, ambulances, postal service vehicles, taxis and rental cars are only eligible for Repair on Spot and Towage Services. Vehicles over 3.5t are only covered for roadside assistance.

“Working Day” mean any day from Monday to Friday, excluding relevant bank holidays in each Market.

III.Requirement and validity        

BYD Assistance is part of the BYD new vehicle guarantee and is valid for a period of 24 months +12 months +12 months from the date of delivery.  

For every BYD Beneficiary, BYD will provide the initial period of 24 months BYD Assistance coverage from the date of delivery. If the Beneficiary follows BYD’s scheduled maintenance plan at Authorised BYD Repairer during the initial 24 months of BYD Assistance coverage, Beneficiary customers will have the first 12 months extension. If the Beneficiary followed the scheduled maintenance plan at Authorised BYD Repairer in the past 36 months, the second 12 months extension will be applied.

The benefits of BYD Assistance are at the sole discretion of BYD and are subject to change or discontinuation by BYD at any time. The Beneficiary should keep all invoices for repairs, maintenance works and other inspections as precondition for the BYD Assistance.

There is no entitlement to reimbursement for services that have not been approved in advance by or organized by BYD Assistance.

IV.Roadside Assistance in the event of an Eligible Events

Help on the phone

This will be the first attempt in solving your problem. BYD Assistance will assist with advice for correct vehicle operation, and all required organisational aspects.  This hotline is always the fastest and easiest way at solving your issue as reliable as possible, if support for self-help is not feasible or successful, an assistance vehicle will be dispatched.

Repair on Spot

If the Eligible Vehicle is no longer roadworthy due to a breakdown, BYD Assistance will arrange for an assistance vehicle to restore roadworthiness at the breakdown location.

The roadside assistance service is provided only on roads open to public traffic and at home. Incidents occurring on nonpublic roads (e.g. beach‚ mountain‚ mountains roads) are excluded.

Towage Services

If the Eligible Vehicle is immobilised as a result of an incident and Repair on Spot is unsuccessful, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest Authorised BYD Repairer. If the Eligible Vehicle is immobilised in a country with no Authorised BYD Repairer, to the home dealer / closest Authorised BYD Repairer.

In the event of a depleted high voltage battery, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest charging point with a limit of 50 km.

V. Additional Benefits

Replacement vehicle

Following a towage, if the repair of the Eligible Vehicle is not possible within the same day, BYD Assistance may provide you with a rental car of the same BYD models (upon renter availability) and with unlimited mileage, which you can use free of charge for a maximum of 3 working days, or until the repair is completed, to which comes earlier. Service requires the Beneficiary to fulfil the renter’s conditions (e.g. providing a valid credit card, etc.).

The following extras are usually excluded: Right to obtain a certain type of vehicle (e.g. convertible, automatic, diesel), a certain vehicle equipment or the procurement of a special vehicle (e.g. mobile home, refrigerated vehicle), as well as an extended insurance package. 

Onward journey and Accommodation

If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the day of a breakdown that occurred more than 100 km from your home, you have additionally the following options:

    Onward or return journey, for you and your passengers in the vehicle via 2nd class train. If the travel time by train exceeds 6 hours, the flight costs for a scheduled flight in economy class will be covered (up to EUR 500 per person incl. VAT, extras and possible surcharges for both journey options).

    If you want to wait for the repair, you can stay in a nearby hotel at the expense of BYD Assistance for up to 3 nights at EUR 150 € incl. VAT per person & night including breakfast.

Transfer cost

If necessary, costs for transfers will be reimbursed per breakdown. This applies to rides from the location of the breakdown/Authorised BYD Repairer to the location where additional services are provided or from the location of the additional services back to the Authorised BYD Repairer. (Up to 100EURO ,VAT include)


If your vehicle breaks down abroad and cannot be repaired because the replacement part is not available or the vehicle cannot be repaired within 3 days, BYD Assistance will, at its discretion, arrange for the vehicle to be returned by group transport to the nearest Authorised BYD Repairer to the beneficiary’s place of residence. Depending on the distance and the location of the damage, the time required for this may vary. 

Combination of replacement vehicle, onward journey and accommodation

Replacement vehicle and onward journey and accommodation cannot be combined under one Service case. Only one of the benefits listed can be selected.

VI . Non-eligible Events

What happens in the case of non-eligible events

In the case of events listed here that are not covered, this policy does not apply, but BYD Assistance reserves the right to provide support by attempting Help on the phone, Repair on Spot or towage services to the nearest Authorised BYD Repairer at customer`s charge. The customer will need to confirm if he/she wants to proceed with the support at her/his own expenses. For a non-eligible event, no additional benefits (replacement vehicle, onward journey and accommodation) will be provided by BYD Assistance.

If the vehicle goes off the road in an accident, and recovery is required before towing, BYD Assistance will not cover the cost of the recovery of the vehicle, the trailer and load, if applicable.

Non-eligible events

Services cannot be claimed in the event of damage,

    caused by premeditation or gross negligence of the beneficiary;  

    caused by Acts of God, war risks, strikes, seizures, piracy, constraint by government authorities, official interdiction, explosions of nuclear or radioactive effects;

    arising from participation in motor sport events and the associated practice drives / training;

    caused by a defective trailer;

    caused by an overstrained usage of the vehicle comparable to commercial purposes, like taxi or car sharing activities;

    caused by a non-original BYD or non-approved spare part or accessory;

    caused while the vehicle is driven by an unauthorised driver or a driver not holding a valid driving license;

    while the vehicle is driven on non-public roads (e.g. beach‚ mountain‚ mountains roads);

    resulting from the influence of alcohol and drugs;

    resulting from failure to carry out required scheduled maintenance of the vehicle  according to the manufacturer’s specifications;

    for which the beneficiary has not contacted BYD Assistance at the time of the claim; 

    to vehicles with red transfer plates for trial, inspection or transfer drives (e.g. dealer or export plates);

    to a vehicle that is still drivable or already located in an Authorised BYD Repairer;

    to a re-registered vehicle abroad;

BYD Assistance will not cover the cost of assistance after other non-eligible events including:

    Run out of fuel (ICE and EV)

    Air conditioning


    Brake Fluid

    Broken front or rear windscreen

    Broken panoramic, roof or side windows

    Electrical components (e.g. radio, lights) cannot be switched off outside workshop's opening hours

    Marten bite

    No snow chains (road conditions prevent continuation of journey)

    Problems with products (e.g. oil, AdBlue, Cooling fluid)

    Servo steering oil

    Side window open in case of extreme weather

    Snow chains broken (road conditions prevent continuation of journey)

    Water ingress

    Broken / discharged Car key

    Electronic NFC-card (self-inflicted incidents)

    Keys locked in the vehicle

    Lost / stolen keys and key cards

    Lock blocked / lock remote control not working (vehicle drivable)

    Wrong key in lock

    Windscreen wipers

    Flat tires


    Charge Card (RFID)

BYD Assistance will not pay for damage to baggage or cargo as a result of a breakdown or accident. The same applies to any loss of income and holiday enjoyment arising in this context. Only the above-mentioned services can be claimed from this policy. The limitations of liability mentioned here do not apply to damage resulting from injury to life, limb or health.

The call center must be informed immediately in any case. If the Call Center is not contacted at the time of the claim or if it is notified a posteriori, the entitlement to services and benefits no longer applies.

Other Exclusions

In case, within the 60 months of duration of this policy, the customer relocates (for longer than 90 days) to another country from the original country where the sales of the vehicle happened, the vehicle will not be any more eligible for BYD Assistance. The Policy will be still valid though if the customer relocates to another country where Authorised BYD Repairers are present.

If an eligible vehicle will be sold/purchased as used car and the new owner's residency is outside the country of first registration, the eligibility will cease, and the vehicle will not anymore be covered from this policy. Unless in the new owner's residency and car registration country, Authorised BYD Repairers are present.