BYD steals the show with its DiSus Intelligent Body Control System


It immediately became an internet hit: the Yangwang U9 which danced onto the stage during BYD's technology event in Shenzhen and even jumped from a standstill. Learn more about this remarkable invention from BYD, which is called the DiSus Intelligent Body Control System.

Yangwang U9 DiSus X

With its new DiSus Intelligent Body Control System, BYD has developed one of the most advanced body control systems in the automotive industry today. BYD is also the first Chinese car manufacturer to own such a system as it was developed in-house.

BYD's DiSus System has been developed exclusively for NEVs (New Energy Vehicles, i.e. plug-in hybrids and fully electric vehicles) and designed for maximum agility, safety and peace of mind in all types of driving conditions. 

Systematic body control system

Unlike solutions only focused on a single technology or the improvement of a single component, BYD offers a systematic solution to manage lateral, longitudinal and vertical vehicle movements. The DiSus System minimizes roll when cornering and reduces the displacement of occupants during high-speed cornering, heavy acceleration and emergency braking. In addition, the DiSus System can protect the vehicle from scratches and damage due to excessive amounts of snow, mud and water.

Following a series of key innovations including e-Platform 3.0, Blade Battery and e4 Platform, this time BYD impresses with a breakthrough in intelligent body control, once again outperforming its competitors. The DiSus System ensures optimal safety, body control and vehicle dynamics, while redefining intelligent and luxurious driving experience. 

DiSus will make its way to Europe

The DiSus System is profiled in three branches: Intelligent Damping Body Control System (DiSus-C), Intelligent Air Body Control System (DiSus-A), and Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System (DiSus-P).

This technology will be offered on a wide range of BYD products, including Ocean Series models such as the BYD Dolphin and BYD Seal coming to Europe. The already available BYD HAN and BYD TANG equipped with the necessary hardware will be able to get DiSus-C via an over-the-air (OTA) upgrade.

Yangwang U9 showcases DiSus-X

To give an impression of BYD’s progressive, in-housed developed technology, a Yangwang U9 equipped with DiSus-X was presented during a technology launch event held at its headquarters at Shenzhen. This spectacular hypercar from BYD's new sub-brand "danced” onto the stage and showcased the capabilities of the DiSus System by even doing a small jump that lifted all four wheels off the ground! Watch the video below.


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