Test drive event BYD SEAL: European press pleasantly surprised


The BYD SEAL’s international test drive event was an exciting affair for us. The all-new sporty sedan has been developed to revolutionize the European D-segment. It’s one of our most advanced vehicles to date, featuring breakthrough technology with which the BYD SEAL clearly distinguishes itself from its competitors. So we were very curious about the thoughts of European car journalists, who drive many different models and can assess and compare cars like no other. We are happy to report that the reviews are generally positive and that the media is pleasantly surprised. Check out some reviews from international media below.

Yangwang U9 DiSus X


“The BYD SEAL is a solid entry into the EV saloon market. We're pretty impressed by it. If not wholly bowled over. The interior feels incredibly well screwed together and with standard quilted leather seats (heated and ventilated, too!) there's a truly premium feel to the cabin. It's also exceedingly refined, with double laminated glass working alongside the silent powertrain to provide a proper luxurious waft about the place.”


“The SEAL drives surprisingly well and catapults BYD to one of the best car manufacturers from China at the moment. The handling is really good and the silence in the interior is impressive. Moreover, the BYD SEAL is more comfortable and less bare than a Tesla Model 3, giving BYD a nice alternative.”


“Get the BYD SEAL out on country roads and it's a really enjoyable, nicely balanced car to drive. As you'd expect, there are options to alter the steering and suspension set-up to suit your preference and you can also tweak the steering inputs. While Sports mode makes the steering feel very direct, I preferred the standard setup which suits the more relaxed feel of the overall drive.”


“The mechanical hardware is correct: the BYD SEAL brakes well and hardly fades. When cornering, the rear pushes outwards before the tolerant ESP gently catches it. The setup ties the car firmly to the asphalt, but dampens everything nicely in a way that's typical of sedans.”


“Once in motion, the SEAL is remarkably efficient. The sedan accelerates quickly in a straight line, especially if you have opted for the version with two engines and all-wheel drive. However, it also impresses in the bends, thanks to the battery integrated into the chassis that provides extra rigidity. The result is very stable handling.”


Seal details interior white seats


“Nice to know is that BYD offers a large 15.6-inch screen in the centre of the dashboard that can be rotated with a push on the button. In other words, you can choose the horizontal display of the 'landscape' type or the vertical display of the 'portrait' type. You can also zoom in on the screen like on a smartphone.”


“It is clear that BYD does not beat around the bush with the SEAL by offering a very complete standard equipment and with extremely advanced equipment and technologies. These are very serious arguments for taking on his rivals.”


“The SEAL welcomes its driver to a quite original world with its neat dashboard and materials that make a good impression. Special mention for the use of faux suede, Alcantara style, which gives a touch of sportiness. The 3D visualization made possible by 360° cameras is remarkably beautiful and as far as the sound system is concerned, the BYD Seal is a guarantee of quality.”


“It is remarkable how quietly the BYD SEAL drives. The sedan is very well insulated and the engine noise is barely noticeable. In addition, the occupants are spared from wind or annoying rolling noises. No doubt about it: the SEAL is not only extremely fast, but also very comfortable.”


“The Ocean theme is reflected in the design of the BYD SEAL, in the form of seal whiskers, gills next to the wheel arches and a kind of scale structure on the sills. It may sound childish, but it's quite subtle and tastefully done, if you ask us. The Porsche Taycan-like headlights provide an extra sporty edge.”


“We've now had two meaningful shots in the BYD SEAL and the news is good on the dynamic front. On the circuit, the SEAL impresses with plenty of punch, direct steering with a quick rack, and a general sense of agility. Take up is smooth and accompanied by an unobtrusive EV hum, and motorway cruising is hushed thanks to effective sealing, double glazing, and a drag coefficient of 0.219. Meanwhile, practicality is where the BYD SEAL scores well too, thanks to that compact blade battery taking less space beneath your feet than rivals' less space-efficient power packs.”

Sea details interior wheel dashboard

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