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BYD DOLPHIN adopts the new 'Ocean aesthetics' design concept. The sophisticated outline of the bodywork, coupled with sharp crease lines and flowing contours, projects a confident and elegant design underpinned by an all-electric powertrain. Enjoy freedom with the BYD DOLPHIN.
The lights

The lights

The design of the front and rear lights is inspired by the dynamic motion of dolphins breaching out of the ocean

The continuous LED headlight running across the centre grille and the dynamic taillight design reveal a sense of avant-garde style and technology.

Floating center console

Floating centre console

The futuristic suspended centre console design creates a modern, dynamic driving environment with its metal trim detail that runs across the entire dashboard, forming a beautiful, minimalist curved surface.
Panoramic sunroof

Panoramic sunroof

The full-sized panoramic glass roof spans the entire cabin, providing unparalleled ultra-wide-angle visibility and allowing light to flood into the spacious interior.
e-Platform 3.0

e-Platform 3.0

BYD DOLPHIN is equipped with the all-new BYD e-Platform 3.0 designed exclusively for pure electric vehicles.
Giving full play to the advantages of intelligence, efficiency, safety and aesthetics, e-Platform 3.0 aims to promote NEVs’ performance in safety and low-temperature driving range as well as improve intelligent driving experiences, to build more efficient and safer new intelligent EVs.
BYD Blade Battery

BYD Blade Battery

BYD has been a pioneering name in the battery industry for more than 29 years. Our latest game-changing Blade Battery has passed a series of extreme tests in rigorous conditions, making it one of the world’s safest batteries.
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  • Enhanced safety

    Enhanced safety

    The raw material, lithium iron phosphate has a number of beneficial characteristics: slow heat generation, low heat release and non oxygen release. The unique flat rectangle shape also improves cooling efficiency and preheating performance. Blade Battery has safely passed the nail penetration test without emitting fire or smoke.
  • Nail penetration test

    The nail penetration test is regarded as one of the most rigorous ways to test the thermal runaway of batteries. The purpose is to simulate an internal short circuit of the battery. This is usually caused by external sharp metal objects penetrating the battery in a severe traffic accident. The Blade Battery passed the nail penetration test, without emitting smoke or fire. The surface temperature only reached 30 to 60°C.
    Nail penetration test
  • Optimised strength

    Optimised strength

    Arranged in an array in one pack, each cell serves as a structural beam to help withstand the force. The aluminum honeycomb-like structure, with high-strength panels on upper and lower side of the pack, greatly enhances the rigidity in vertical direction. It is this revolutionary design that gives optimised strength to the Blade Battery.
  • Longer range

    The space utilisation of the Blade Battery has been increased by over 50% compared with the traditional battery packs, which provides enhanced energy density and delivers longer range.
    Longer range
  • Longer lifespan

    Longer lifespan

    Blade Battery has a long battery life with over 5000 charge and discharge cycles.
The world's first mass-produced 8-in-1 electric powertrain

The world's first mass-produced 8-in-1 electric powertrain

BYD has an exceptional vertical integration capabilities within the supply chain. BYD integrates 8 key components incorporating VCU, BMS, MCU, PDU, DC-DC controller, on-board charger, drive motor and transmission, producing the world’s first mass-produced 8-in-1 electric powertrain system, greatly optimising space utilisation and energy efficiency.
High efficiency heat pump system as standard

High efficiency heat pump system as standard

An advanced energy-saving heat pump system comes as standard. Reliably operating in a broad range of temperatures, the system is designed to highly utilise residual heat from surroundings, the powertrain, passenger compartment and even the batteries. It enhances the thermal efficiency and reduces energy loss whether heating or cooling. Therefore, the low-temperature driving range is increased.