• Up to 1080  km

    Combined range

  • 18.3  kWh

    Battery capacity

  • 6.4  L

    100km fuel consumption

  • 5.9  s

    AWD 0-100 km/h

Ocean Design
The BYD SEAL U DM-i combines oceanic aesthetics with futuristic touches, creating a striking, eco-friendly PHEV SUV for families.
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Projecting a Greater Light
The headlights of the BYD SEAL U DM-i feature double U-shaped lights with staggered light clusters that provide a powerful beam for better visibility and a safer driving experience.

The rear of the BYD SEAL U DM-i is designed to exude elegance, with a continuous taillight in the form of a refined water drop matrix pattern.
Stylish 19-inch Wheels
The BYD SEAL U DM-i features 19-inch aerodynamic wheels that perfectly blend style with efficiency. These wheels are carefully crafted to enhance the car's aesthetics while reducing drag, resulting in a smooth and stylish driving experience.
Exterior colours
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Futuristic Floating Centre Console
The BYD SEAL U DM-i's interior features a futuristic design, highlighted by a floating centre console with a double-layer storage compartment that combines practicality with elegance.
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Always-In-Touch Rotatable Screen
The BYD SEAL U DM-i features a large, rotatable touchscreen that acts as a central control hub for connectivity and infotainment.

Intelligent voice seamlessly connects with multifunctional features, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable driving experience that offers real-time information at a glance.
Oceanic Crystal Gear Levers
The interior design of the BYD SEAL U DM-i takes inspiration from the ocean's beauty, as seen in the captivating crystal gear lever. Essential function buttons surround this stunning feature and add to the overall aesthetic of the BYD SEAL U DM-i. It also provides easy control at your fingertips.
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Take Comfort in Multifunctional Seats
The BYD SEAL U DM-i is a hybrid SUV with integrated multifunctional seats designed to provide exceptional comfort. The front seats are equipped with ventilation and heating capabilities, electric adjustment, and memory functions that allow you to easily find your preferred seating position. This ensures a consistently comfortable experience, no matter how far you travel.
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Light and Airy Panoramic Roof
Experience the beauty of natural light and the freedom of the great outdoors with the plug-in hybrid SUV’s expansive sliding panoramic sunroof. Whether it's a clear blue sky or a captivating starry night, this feature allows ample light and fresh air to enter the cabin, making you feel more connected to the surrounding environment.
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Immersive Enjoyment
The BYD SEAL U DM-i provides an outstanding driving experience. The vehicle is equipped with advanced NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) technology, ensuring a calm and relaxed atmosphere during travel.

Plus, the high-quality audio system on board features cutting-edge speakers that deliver an immersive stereo sound.

The ambient lights wrap around and light up in sync with the audio, creating an unparalleled listening experience.
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Safe Head-Up Display
The BYD SEAL U DM-i comes with head-up technology that efficiently displays crucial information on the windshield. This advanced feature ensures that critical data remains in the driver's line of sight, promoting greater awareness and focus on the road.
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Generous Rear Seating
The BYD SEAL U DM-i offers spacious rear seats with a flat floor and plenty of legroom, providing comfort and relaxation for passengers on long journeys. The supportive seats further enhance the comfort of rear-seat passengers.
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Large Storage Capacity
The BYD SEAL U DM-i has a generous 425-litre boot capacity that can be expanded to a spacious 1,440 litres by folding the rear seats down.

The roomy design of this plug-in hybrid SUV provides versatile and practical storage options to easily meet your luggage requirements.
BYD Super DM Technology
The driving force behind the all-new SEAL U DMi is BYD Super DM Technology.

BYD Super DM (Dual Mode) Technology is what’s inside our plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles. Far from standard, it represents a game-changing evolution in intelligent plug-in hybrid technology.

Exclusively developed by BYD, it offers a multitude of benefits, including energy efficiency, low fuel consumption, driving performance, and comfort.

You can easily identify our plug-in hybrid vehicles as they feature DM in their name. In SEAL U DM-i, the "i" symbolises intelligence, embodying smart and energy-efficient driving principles.
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Electric Hybrid System (EHS)
The Electric Hybrid System (EHS) is a highly integrated powertrain that incorporates high-speed dual motors, dual controllers and advanced oil-cooling technology to increase motor power density and efficiency.
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Ultra-Efficient Xiaoyun Hybrid Engine
An innovative engine design specifically made for Super DM Technology. The Xiaoyun engine, with world-leading thermal efficiency, has a simplified compact structure, boosting power with high peak power and torque.
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Super DM Technology with Bespoke Blade Battery
BYD Super DM Technology uses a tailor-made version of the highly acclaimed Blade Battery. These bespoke Blade Batteries for the hybrid platform have power capacities ranging from 18.3 kWh, achieving a pure-electric range of starting from 70km while offering multiple benefits.
An eco-friendly, efficient and exhilerating driving experience
As a PHEV SUV, BYD SEAL U DM-i offers an exceptional eco-friendly driving experience. It combines energy efficiency and fuel economy with quick and responsive acceleration, as well as quiet and smooth ride comfort.
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Economical: Energy Efficient, Low Fuel Consumption
6.4 L/100km fuel consumption
70km+ pure EV range
Up to 1080 km combined range
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Fast: Exhilarating, Responsive and Dynamic
5.9s AWD 0-100km/h
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Quiet: Bringing Serenity to Journeys
NVH Excellence, reducing vehicle noise and vibration.
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Smooth: Exceptional Ride Comfort
Pure EV experience
Plug-in and charge in just 35 minutes
Experience fast and efficient charging with the BYD SEAL U DM-i.

As a plug-in hybrid SUV, the car’s 18 kW DC rapid charging feature allows you to charge your hybrid SUV from 30% to 80% state of charge in just 35 minutes.

With this swift charging capability, you can enjoy hassle-free journeys and spend more time on the road.
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Enhanced safety as standard

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Blind Spot Detection (BSD)
The Blind Spot Detection system alerts you when a fast-approaching vehicle is in the blind spot of the outside rearview mirrors.
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Intelligent Cruise Control(ICC)
Our Intelligent Cruise Control (ICC) system combines Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Centering Control (LCC). It assists in controlling the vehicle both longitudinally and transversely at speeds ranging between 0 to 120 km/h to enhance relaxation and comfort.
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Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) & Rear Cross Traffic Brake (RCTB)
When reversing, the rear-angle millimetre-wave radar monitors other road users approaching the vehicle's rear in real-time, issuing a warning sound or applying the brakes in the event of a possible collision.
Intelligent connectivity wherever you go
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BYD Intelligent Cockpit
The BYD SEAL U DM-i is equipped with standard navigation and an array of apps, such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Its 4G connectivity system delivers an ultra-smart driving experience, combining advanced infotainment with intelligent voice control. With Over The Air (OTA) updates, you can always access the latest technological advancements.
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Control at Your Fingertips
Our plug-in hybrid SUV provides the convenience of NFC keyless entry and allows you to control the air conditioning remotely so you can prepare for your journey ahead even before stepping outside.
Charge Your Life
Experience the great outdoors with the BYD SEAL U DM-i. This hybrid SUV features Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology, which allows it to transform into a mobile power source.

With the BYD SEAL U DM-i, you can easily power your household electrical devices by plugging them directly into your vehicle. This opens up a world of possibilities for outdoor activities such as powering electric barbecues, creating an outdoor cinema, or even running computers and gaming consoles.

As a plug-in hybrid SUV, the BYD SEAL U DM-i is the perfect vehicle for an active family life.
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