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New generation of Dragon Face aesthetics

New generation of Dragon Face aesthetics

Chief automotive designer Wolfgang Egger leads a world-class design team whose automotive creations seamlessly meld innovation with both quality and reliability . More than 200 designers from over 10 countries including Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany, are simultaneously working on BYD's design in multiple locations around the globe .
Wing Feather Dragon Crystal LED Combination Headlights

Wing Feather Dragon Crystal LED Combination Headlights

Inspired by the feather, the daytime running lights are elegant, echoing the new dragon's whiskers, like a dragon soaring and imposing. The unique light processing technology enhances the lighting width to 16.7 meters, far exceeding the level of the same class, greatly enhancing the night driving experience. When unlocked/closed, the front and rear LED headlights show a breathing light effect and light up slowly, just like a dragon waking up for the first time.
Rhythmic Interior

Rhythmic Interior

The world’s first intelligent cabin built with the concept of sports and fitness. The BYD ATTO 3, led by BYD’s global interior design director Michel Paganetti, is themed on fitness with a trendy and avant-garde design. The soft rhythmic lines along the car front and sides represent a humanistic representation of muscle fibers, giving it a personal touch amidst the mechanical details.
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  • The pleasure of driving

    The pleasure of driving

    User-friendly functions and the playful interior lend a unique and distinctive style. Agile and fun, the BYD ATTO 3 delivers an engaging driving experience. The striking, uncluttered center console reflects a positive, dynamic attitude to life.
  • Grip-style door handles

    A perfect combination of aesthetics, technology and ergonomics, the shape is inspired by the grip force device, highly integrated with speakers and ambient lights, pulling in a sense of technology, and the unlocking action is in line with ergonomics, making it easy and convenient to open the door.Bring the atmosphere of using the car to the extreme, making every trip, a fantastic journey.
    Grip-style door handles
  • Strum your ‘guitar’

    Strum your ‘guitar’

    The unique design of the door trim is inspired by the music atmosphere when playing sports, with more flexible storage space and more refined interior details.
  • Mobile phone wireless charging

    Convenient, fast, smart, and practical.
    Mobile phone wireless charging
  • Double-layer panoramic anti-pinch skylight

    Double-layer panoramic anti-pinch skylight

    The sunblinds and glass provide double sound insulation and heat insulation; intelligent voice control, anti-pinch, bringing comfort and peace.
  • Spacious trunk

    Fill your life to the brim with the large storage compartment featuring an extra hidden trunk space. By placing your possessions in different layers, you can make the most of the space.
    Spacious trunk
  • VTOL mobile power station

    VTOL mobile power station

    The VTOL mobile power station function allows the vehicle to be transformed into a super mobile power bank, which supports power up to 3.3kwh, which can satisfy most high-power electrical appliances, outdoor cooking, and enjoy a new comfortable self-driving experience.
  • Safety

    BYD ATTO 3 have please check it is 7 airbags. The all-round airbag SRS protection system includes: front double airbags, front seat side airbags, head side airbags, remote side airbags in driver side (for ENCAP) and load limit pretensioner safety belts to guard every corner.
e-Platform 3.0

e-Platform 3.0

The BYD ATTO 3 features the all-new BYD e-Platform 3.0 designed exclusively for all-electric vehicles. The BYD ATTO 3 takes full advantage of the advantages of e-Platform 3.0 intelligence, efficiency, security and aesthetics. This platform aims to improve the performance of electric vehicles in terms of safety and range at low temperatures and to improve driving experiences, with the aim of building new smart EVs that are more efficient and safer.
Cutting Edge Technology

BYD Blade Battery

Safe Blade Battery
Ultra-Safe Patented Blade Battery Technology

Ultra-Safe Patented Blade Battery Technology

The world’s leading battery technology, redefining industry standards for safety and efficiency in electric vehicles.


  • Adaptive Cruise Control(ACC-S&G)
  • Adaptive Front Light(AFL)
  • Automatic Emergency Braking(AEB)
  • Blind Spot Detection(BSD)
  • Door Open Warning(DOW)
  • Lane Departure Warning & Lane Departure Prevention(LDW-LDP)
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert&Rear Cross Traffic Brake(RCTA-RCTB)