BYD DOLPHIN and SEAL demonstrate excellent safety levels: 5-star Euro NCAP rating


BYD has totally changed the general opinion of Europeans car buyers towards Chinese car brands. BYD vehicles are not only high-tech, well-built and modernly designed, but also super safe. The brand reaffirms its leading position in the EV industry with two newcomers, both of which have been awarded a five-star rating by Euro NCAP in its most stringent test programme yet.

The five millionth vehicle produced by BYD

BYD is currently experiencing unprecedented growth, becoming the largest New Energy Vehicle manufacturer in the world (EV + PHEV) and even entering the top 10 of the world’s largest car brands. This can only be achieved if the products are widely popular and affordable to the general public and impress on all fronts, including safety.

With the all-electric BYD DOLPHIN and BYD SEAL recently introduced to the European market, BYD demonstrates that an excellent level of safety isn’t just a promise, but is actually put into practice. Both models have achieved a five-star rating in Euro NCAP’s most stringent safety testing procedure to date.


Dolphin Euro NCAP

Highlights of the test results

  • Thanks to the excellent construction and torsional rigidity of the body, as well as the multi-load path structure that regulates how energy is absorbed by the car in the event of a collision, minimizing impact in the passenger cabin, the BYD DOLPHIN and BYD SEAL both scored 89% for adult occupant protection.
  • In terms of child occupant protection, in both the frontal offset and side barrier tests, excellent protection was provided to all critical body areas for both child dummies, with the BYD DOLPHIN and BYD SEAL both scored maximum points in this part of the assessment. Another positive note, is that all of the child restraint types could be properly installed and accommodated in both cars. Eventually, both ended up with a score of 87% for child occupant protection.
  • In the test for the protection of vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians or cyclists, the BYD SEAL was assessed with a creditable score of 82%, mainly thanks to the correctly and adequately functioning autonomous emergency braking system (AEB). Another feature that warns against opening the door when a cyclist approaches from behind, received additional recognition and compliments from Euro NCAP.
  • The BYD DOLPHIN even achieved a score of 85% for the protection of vulnerable road users, mainly thanks to the well functioning of the AEB, with Euro NCAP testers specifically mentioning the system’s recognition of pedestrians and cyclists.
  • BYD DOLPHIN’s (electronic) safety systems achieved a score of 79%, with Euro NCAP highlighting the performance of the camera-based Intelligent Speed Limit Assist and Lane Keeping Assist systems.
  • The BYD SEAL achieved a score of 76% in the field of (electronic) safety systems. According to Euro NCAP, the AEB and lane support are particularly noteworthy, with the latter accurately correcting the car's course if it leaves the lane and also intervening in some critical situations.
BYD Seal Euro NCAP

European New Car Assessment Program

The independent crash test institute Euro NCAP (European New Car Assessment Program) has become the standard in Europe since 1997 when it comes to vehicle safety testing. Euro NCAP created the safety rating system to help consumers compare vehicles in an easier way, so they can more easily see the safest choice for their needs.

The cars are tested by Euro NCAP, with multiple copies actually crashing in various ways, to represent realistic accident scenarios that could result in serious or fatal injuries to occupants or other road users.

After extensive analysis of the crashed vehicles and the condition of the test dummies in the car, the car is rated with zero to a maximum of five stars. However, Euro NCAP’s five-star rating system is constantly evolving, as older technology evolves and new innovations become available. Tests are therefore periodically updated and the star level is adjusted. Euro NCAP emphasizes that the BYD DOLPHIN and BYD SEAL have been tested according to the latest, most stringent test method to date.

In addition, there are also other innovations that raise the safety level of the BYD models to an excellent level, but which are not directly tested by Euro NCAP. Such as BYD’s industry-leading Blade Battery and e-Platform 3.0.

BYD Dolphin Euro NCAP

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